Kathy’s Dreamworld- Introduction

Unless you’ve been living under a moss-covered rock in a dank cave in the middle of the Himalayas, you may have noticed that Nintendo released one of its most anticipated games in the UK last month: Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This obscure game sees you play major in a town where all the villagers are… yes, you’ve guessed it… animals! It is a charming and endearing game loved by many people around the globe.

In this latest installment in the series a new function has been added: the Dream Suite. In a little building on the high street lives a kindly tapir named Luna who, for the mere sum of 500 bells, will allow you to visit other players’ towns in a dream. This may not seem extremely exciting as you have been able to visit other players’ towns via wifi and local connection since Animal Crossing on the original DS. However, this feature allows you to visit someone’s town without having them registered as a friend on your 3DS, which for some people is a blessing. You can access a town by telling Luna the Dream Address (a unique code assigned to each town) of a town you want to visit, by searching via country, town name or player name, or you can leave it up to Luna to pick a town at random.


There are some differences between visiting a dream town as opposed to visiting the same town via wifi or local connection. In the dreamworld, you cannot affect the person’s town in their game. When visiting via wifi or local connection, if you cut down all the player’s trees, they are gone in their game too; In the dreamworld, they are only gone in your dream, not in the player’s game. This is nice as it allows you to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting person’s town without ruining the game for them. Also in the dreamworld, you can’t take anything into the dream or anything back after the dream. You can borrow tools for Lloid the gyroid in the dream if you like and some people design their towns so there are items for dreamers to play with, but these all disappear from your inventory when you leave the dreamworld.

Some player’s really work on designing their towns so they are works of art or tell stories. Others just upload their normal town. Over the coming months I shall run a series called Kathy’s Dreamworld where I visit towns in the dream world and talk about them for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

– Kat

My town’s dream address is: 6100-2936-6843

(Disclaimer: I do not own Animal Crossing. All Animal Crossing properties are owned by Nintendo)


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