Kathy’s Dreamworld #1 – Nintendo

Town visited:


Nintendo town is a nice calm little village, very nicely put together by a player of the same alias. This player has quite clearly spent some time and effort on his town and, you know what, I really enjoyed his town. The theme was fairly obvious but walking around the town it wasn’t over powering.


This player had several picture boards all very well designed. They were dotted around his town so you had to explore to find them. Mario and Luigi were situated alongside themed costumes and some mushrooms which the player had thoughtfully left for the dreamer to go wild with. The Pikmin board had all three Pikmin hats to try on!

As well as the picture boards there were other Nintendo themed signboards:



Inside the players house was a mix. Whilst the town itself I thought was well designed and good fun, it was clear the house was not quite complete, just a collection on Nintendo items. However, this room was very well put together:


Nintendo has lots of flowers and colour, both of which I love towns to be full of. It was a jolly walk through memories of playing Zelda, Pikmin and Mario as a child. Would recommend!

– Kat


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