Kathy’s Dreamworld #2

Today, I visit Rawrvil and immediately I don’t really know what to expect. Rawrvil? Maybe this is like a dinosaur town. Who knows what this has in store? So after finding my lost stylus (which turned out to be still in the 3DS) I got ready to go on a dream visit to Rawrvil.


First impressions show that it seems to be quite a new town, in my opinion as this place isn’t very cluttered or bustling. It’s simple which keeps it tidy. Mind you the mayor here has planted lots of fruit trees and they have commissioned a café to be built.


Wandering around I discover that they have a clock and that Peanut the squirrel lives here. I had Peanut in my town; way back in Wild World on the original DS so it’s good to see a familiar face. This place is residence to a fair amount of interesting villagers whereas I tend to only attract squirrels and crazy rabbits (I’m looking at you Bunnie!) Bam the deer lives here in Rawrvil, as does Savannah; a zebra and Pietro; the trippiest sheep to ever grace (graze?) anyone’s town. Stand still trippy sheep; I want to take a picture of you.


There are a lot of tree stumps around Rawrvil though. Maybe they don’t own a shovel yet or maybe they a bizarre fascination with stumps. I will never know. Venturing on, I find that they have a classic style police station and a tasteful fountain.


Eventually, I find the Mayor of Rawrvil, Mandee who gives me a kind greeting.


And I come across what looks like their house. Let’s go and be nosey and have a look inside.


Well, it is pretty cool in here as you can see.In the main room, there is quite a lot of fascinating items including a hula-doll, a nice big television and an even classier couch, a flamingo and a nice, cosy looking fireplace.


The left room is even classier as it has three pieces of gold furniture. Someone has been busy remaking this into their ideal home. The right room is decorated like a bathroom with its shower, bath but no toilet. I’m not going to ask the obvious here… Upstairs is quite suave with its white piano. Unfortunately I couldn’t tinkle the ivories because there is a table in the way, for design purposes I can imagine. So, I’ll skip that and go straight to the basement.


As you can see the basement is layed out to be a chilled and casual boudoir with its purple bed, a claw machine, the front cover of Coldplays Viva La Vida adorns the wall and a Jukebox that plays KK Sliders ‘KK Moody’.

Overall a fun town to visit, though I feel it could be more developed. It has some cool villagers (especially funky Pietro) and with a little time and effort could be a truly awesome town!!!

– Kat


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