World Wide Wednesdays – Hackertyper


You have all seen it before. The scrolling, quickly typed lines of code that appear in all manor of Hollywood blockbusters, where the hero or villain uses a computer to gain access to a fully secure network and foils the other’s plan. Want to be that hero without having to use MS Command Prompt? Or be the villain without having to learn all the programming? Well now you can be (sort of)! With Hacker Typer!


It’s the quintessential way to make it look like you are running your own hack, right inside your browser! ‘Hacker Typer’ is a simple code generator that works by selecting a few preferences on the home screen and clicking ‘HACK.’ On this home screen you can choose how you want the screen to react, so set up what colour you want the screen to be and the text (default is green text on a black screen); change the title of the page to whatever you want to hack; the length of the amount of characters to appear on screen and away you go! It’s just that easy. I know what you’re thinking, this is a bit of a novelty, and admittedly it is, but once you have found the perfect setting, you’ll be reveling in you’re own genius. Here’s what to do:

First grab a memory stick or old USB attachment and find yourself a computer in any public place, be a library or even take your own laptop with a wifi connection to a coffee shop, etc where you are in eyeshot of a lot of people. Load up Hacker Typer and set up your parameters and type as quickly as you can, looking dead serious. Then hit ‘Caps Lock’ three times and look disheartened by the result. It should bring up ‘Access Denied.’ Press ‘ESC’ and carry on typing. Do this a few times and when you’re ready, hit ‘ALT’ three times and…


…Success! Look pleased with your result by quietly cheering to yourself, making sure someone sees you. Turn the PC off and slink slowly away

Gimmicky, I know, but it’s a cool little tool to keep you busy in a crowded area that’ll surely raise concerns amongst a fair amount of people or to use as prop in a budget film or play that looks fairly decent. Its clean layout doesn’t look too intimidating. There are a few options in your initial menu but if you just want it for a simple fun, then there’s not a lot you need to worry about. Try it out and see for yourself!


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