Kathy’s Dreamworld #3 – Haiti

Today, I am visiting a new dreamworld…

Off to Haiti! *punches air* I sense this is going to be an interesting village to visit…


My first impression of Haiti was a very good one. The designs of the boardwalks immediately caught my eye; parts of the design have been made to look like 3D pools of water. I found this attention to detail extraordinary!

HNI_0045 HNI_0047

They have a butterfly stump!

There appears to be four human inhabitants in Haiti:

Player number one has an interesting mismatch of items but only one room, so I assume they aren’t the mayor…


Player number two’s house again only has one room which includes ranch furniture, but she has blue violets outside!

The third villager I found looks like she’s only just moved in as her house is bare.

Looking at the designs Wendell gives me which includes their plank designs and a cool ‘H’ flag design!



Their fountain is gorgeous, especially surrounded by that beautiful water design. I wonder if they made it themself or used a QR code. Personally I hope it’s the former!


The mayor appears to be Smiles. In his house is a load of stuff but it’s not really in a themed fashion in the main room. However, he has balloon furniture in the right room:



In his left room, he has a whale shark, as you do. And a coelacanth. I have one of those in my left room.

Upstairs is a little better. Cluttery but organised with a sitar. The koi makes it quite Japanese and the basement is empty.

And a gyroid collector,  which need to be shut off as they are a little bit freaky! And upon venturing outside I manage to dig up two of the things! For those who are into gyrois: a mini lullaboid and a mini quazoid.

HNI_0037 HNI_0038

They have two koala villager: Melba and Eugene! Have to say, I like the koala villagers in general. Haiti is looking rather more like Australia than a Caribbean Island though… There is also Pierce the Eagle who looks rather happy to meet me!


There is an old wooden bus shelter, odd considering Animal Crossing: New Leaf has no buses…

Again, quite a flowery town, which I like. It makes the towns look more colourful and happier. I enjoyed my visit. I think this town is well designed and thought out. Well worth the 500 bell visit fee!


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