The Day of the Triffids – John Wyndham: 52 in 52 Book #5

Day of the Triffids

Day of the Triffids is the post-apocalyptic tale by John Wyndham detailing the experiences of one Bill Masen as he navigates this new world and its challenges. At the beginning of the book, there is a small section dedicated to triffids and how these moving plants came to be widespread. Disappointingly however, this is pretty much the most depth the triffids see in the entire book.

This is the first book of my challenge that I’ve finished and felt like I’ve almost been cheated, that there was something missing. The book itself is an engaging tale of survival by those left sighted after most of the world population is blinded by a comet storm. However, given that this book is called Day of the Triffids and that triffids are given a wonderfully interesting chapter at the beginning of the book, their absence in most of the plot is perplexing and a little frustrating. I went into the book expecting a blood bath caused by the errant plants. Instead, it was more of a cut finger or a nosebleed.

Despite the lack of triffids, the story was enjoyable. Bill is separated from his first companion in this new world and sets out to find her once more. Along the way he meets a variety of character, takes on several challenges and in the end settles down for a long term survival strategy.

I don’t know whether I would recommend this book. It’s got a decent enough plot and the characters make the storyline come alive. However, the disappointment I felt at the end of this book makes me feel sad that this story never lived up to the expectation I had of it.




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