World Wide Wednesday: Procrastination Aids!

During the obligatory procrastination from attending to my dissertation, I took a stroll down the side roads of the internet. Here, out of the sphere of Facebook, Google and YouTube, live some weird and wonderful ways of wasting your time. Today I bring to you a selection of five things you can do whilst pretending to be doing something productive.


1. The Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

This simple little site has only one purpose: to generate you a name as sophisticated, snooty and weird as Benedict Cumberbatch’s own. So far my favourite has been Buttercup Cumberbund…

Benedict Cumberbatch name generator


2. Seaquence

A charming little programme which allows you to make music by creating little plankton-esque creatures and adapting them to change the sounds they make. Hours of fun to be had altering and composing the ultimate concerto!



3. Rainy Mood

Not so much something to do but this site essentially just adds the sound of falling rain into your life. I found this to be oddly relaxing…

Rainy Mood


4. Epic Rail

This rail simulation game requires you to manipulate the signal points on a rail to ensure the trains deliver the correct passengers to the correct stations without the trains colliding. Addictive and can get quite challenging later on.

Epic Rail


5. Ambigram Maker

Ambigrams are images that have a different meaning or look depending on how they are orientated. Here this site allows you to create many word based ambigrams!



Enjoy your procrastination!





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