Pyramids by Terry Pratchett: 52 in 52 Book #14


I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed by this book. The premise looked good: assassins, a civilisation based on Ancient Egypt called Djelibeybi (hehe), a camel who’s the world’s greatest mathematician… I enjoyed the last Terry Pratchett novel I read. And yet, it never really lived up to my intruiged expectations.

The thing is, I can’t quite decide why. The plot was good, although some bits dragged for longer than I thought necessary. The characters were engaging and thought-provoking. The little side notes were there and dry humour was slathered onto the pages but I couldn’t get into it.

Truth is, I’ve been trying to finish this book since I finished Gabriel’s Angel. Every time I thought about reading it I could think of ten other things I’d rather be doing, including watching paint dry. Where this reluctance to pick up this book came from is a mystery but all I know is I was bored of reading it, bored of seeing it lie on my bedside table and taunting me with its presence and bored of thinking ‘I really should finish it’.

Upon finishing the story I felt free. I could read something enjoyable again! Then I felt guilty because really this was a book I should have loved. Should have, but didn’t. I feel bad that the author put effort into this only for me to stress over how awful I felt every time I looked at the blasted thing.

I don’t know what to say about this book. I don’t know whether I should recommend it, even to Terry Pratchett fans. All I can say is I have never disliked a book and wanted it as far away from me since being forced to read Pride and Prejudice at school. And I really hated Pride and Prejudice!


2 thoughts on “Pyramids by Terry Pratchett: 52 in 52 Book #14

  1. Althought they’re great and I love them, there’s a few novels in the Discworld series that I love somewhat less than the others, this is one of them.


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