52 in 52: Review of the last Thirteen Books

So I am officially a quarter of the way to meeting my target! It’s been a real achievement to have kept this up and got so far. I have read many new books, some which I may not have even bothered reading otherwise and discovered many new worlds and characters that may have remained hidden from me forever.

Being the number nerd I am, I have decided to create some charts from the statistics of the books I have read. There are three categories I shall examine. Firstly, I shall look at the genres of the books then at the average rating I have given them. I will also look at the author gender ratio.

Here is my table of the first thirteen books:

Table- 13 books



I have sorted the books into genres as defined by their Wikipedia article, if they have one. Otherwise I have assigned them to the genre I feel they fit into best.

Genre chart- 13 books

Fantasy and crime novels seem to be my favourites but there are some other genres in there. Perhaps I should indulge in some romance, mythology or maybe even some non-fiction. I am totally open to suggestions so please if you have a book or book series you think I should read, leave a comment below and I’ll look into it.



Rating chart- 13 books

I assigned ratings to these books based on how much I enjoyed them and as such they are very subjective. My ratings are generally within the higher end of the spectrum. This could possibly be because I am averse to harsh marking but could also be because the majority of books I’ve read I found to be enjoyable. We shall see over the next thirteen books whether this changes. However, I predict that I will generally have more books with higher rating. This is because most of my recommendations come from people who know what sorts of books I enjoy and because I generally find reading books I enjoy easier to read and therefore I read more of them.


Author Gender Ratio

I noticed after reading about six books for this challenge that many of the authors of the books I have read were men. Curiosity caused me to document and chart the genders of the authors to see if this were the case. (In this chart, each book has its own point, even if I have read more than one book by the same author. So here Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is counted twice)

Gender balance- 13 books

Whilst I have read more books by men I wonder why this is. Is there something inherently different about men’s writing styles I prefer? Is it that men tend to write more in the genres I prefer reading? Or is it simply coincidence? I think this will be interesting to see how this develops throughout my challenge.


It would be interesting to know what any of our readers think about this challenge or any of the books read so far. As I’ve previously said, suggestions for further reading are always welcome and also any questions, criticisms or comments on the reviews are welcome. Bring on the nest thirteen books!




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