Freshly Grown: An Introduction

It’s no secret that I like to grow plants. As a little girl, my dad used to take me to the allotment with him and assist with the gardening. Together we dug up potatoes, plucked blackcurrants, pickled shallots and sowed many and seed. We even had matching Head and Assistant gardener jumpers.

Where I live now, we have a patio garden with a couple of flowers beds. Whilst I can’t have a full vegetable garden here, I do like to grow some things. Last year was mostly a flower year but we did manage to get a couple of strawberries off of plants I potted into our hanging baskets. The nasturtiums we planted in the main flower bed pretty much took over the garden they grew so big. I did slip a couple of the flowers into salads though.

This year, I’ve gone a different route. The strawberries remain in their hanging basket but I doubt they will produce much at all. In a slight impulse purchase on eBay, I ended up with seeds for eight different varieties of tomato (not bad for 99p!). So currently on my window sill are eight little pots, with tiny saplings growing. The varieties are as follows, with pictures of what the eventual fruit should look like:

Peach Red

Peach Red


White Cherry

White Cherry


Green Cherry

Cherry Green


Hillbilly (or Flame)



Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc tomatoes


Red Apple

Red Apple


Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple


Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry


To those who know me, they might be wondering why I’m growing all these tomatoes when I don’t actually like them! The answer is that I don’t like supermarket tomatoes, and those are the only ones I’ve ever tried. I am trying to expand my food repertoire and possibly a more exotic or weird-looking variety of tomato will appeal to me. Although I don’t eat tomatoes on their own, I do put them in a lot of dishes I make, such as pasta and couscous and would like to try my usual recipes with slightly different ingredients. Also, Jim does like tomatoes and will happily munch them all if it turns out I don’t like them.

We’re also growing some other edible delights. Alongside the propagating tomatoes are some demon red chillies for Jim that are growing very well! Outside in a trench style tub are radishes and spring onions and in round terracotta number we have some lettuce growing.

I’m looking forward to tending the plants, watching them growing and eventually bear glorious food! I’ll be writing updates as we go along and including as many pictures as I can. Hopefully, the fruits and vegetables of this labour will be worth it.




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