Goldfinger by Ian Fleming: 52 in 52 Book #18


My third Bond novel of this challenge was something I was looking forward to. As with the other Bond stories, I listened to audiobooks rather than reading them. As I’ve been travelling up and down the country during the Easter break I thought I’d spend the time wisely and catch up with my favourite secret agent.

As with all Bond novels, James is sent out to discover the misdemeanours of a villain. In this case his name is Auric Goldfinger, who as his name suggests is a gold merchant. However, as Bond discovers, things aren’t quite as simple as that.

Covering multiple locations from tropical Miami to rural Kent, Switzerland and American strong hold Fort Knox, this novel takes you on a world tour and an adventure just as exciting. There’s the usual dose of gun action, bond girls and the climatic scenes where Goldfinger and Bond come to blows. Oh, and this book contains possibly the best named Bond character of the series: Pussy Galore.

I enjoyed this as much as the last Bond novels. They are easy to get into and enjoy and happily kept me entertained for many hours. Bond fans will love this novel as it offers everything a good Bond should. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys spy and adventure novels.




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