The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker: 52 in 52 Book #24

The Golem & the Djinni

Sorry about not posting for a while! I’ve been very busy finishing off my midwifery training! Now I’m off for a few weeks and hoping to do some catching up on my reading.

The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker is a book I’ve extremely enjoyed. It took me a long time to read but that’s a good thing: I got to enjoy it for longer! Set mostly in early 20th century New York, the plot focuses around Chava, a golem without a master, and Ahmad, a djinni who is released from a metal oil pot after several thousand years. It describes their struggles to live and fit in not only as non-humans in a human world but also within the cultural groups populating New York in that time period.

The book is vibrant and colourful. I loved that the chapters alternate between the back stories of some of the main characters and the present day. Going from Little Syria, to Jewish towns in Europe to the Arabian desert might sound a bit haphazard but the book flows beautifully and the variety of people, places and events keeps the reader’s interest spectacularly.

This book also weaves themes of human poverty and struggles with magic and mythology into one single and beautiful literary blanket. There is a piece of plot or character in this book that everyone can enjoy and relate to in some way. The fantasy elements seem incredibly at home with discussions about running a business or someone becoming ill or dying. Nothing seems out of place.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fiction at all. There are more historical and fantasy elements than others but I really do think this is a book anyone could enjoy if they have the time to read it.





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