‘The Reviewinators’ is due an update!


It’s the blog cliché to end all blog clichés but to keep everything fresh and swish, we’re going to be doing a few updates before 2015.

We’ll be updating the our blog to coincide with a new year with an updated layout and some new features that’ll hopefully be a welcome addition to our little slice of the wider Internet picture. We’ll be improving our social features too so keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be posting more updates, what we’re doing and also what we have done. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our reviews reach a large scope of like minded individuals.

We’ll be introducing a new about section that’ll teach you about who the Reviewinators are and what they do. We’ll also be trying out new reoccurring posts for the new year hopefully a replacement for the 52 book challenge will be replaced with something similar! You heard it here first. We would also like to record some new videos and maybe an occasional Tubecast or similar as we have a YouTube channel with not a lot on. Also we are thinking about bringing in some of our friends as guest bloggers to give us a broader reach and a different outlook on something that we might have missed or something that needs bringing to the table.

Aside from a new lick of paint, everything else will remain. We’ll still go out of our own way to show you what the unavoidable (and the avoidable) world has to offer!

So if things are a bit barren, there’s a few rough edges or things don’t match up then hold tight whilst we try out new layouts, colour schemes and everything else WordPress offers us that doesn’t cost a bomb to make The Reviewinators a little bit better and fresher.

As always, if there’s something you think we should give our outlook on, then hit us up with your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook. You should totally follow us and like the page and please subscribe to the blog to keep in the flow.

Kat and Jimmi


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