About The Blog

What is The Reviewinators Blog about?

Sometime during early 2013, we wanted a medium to convey some of the great things we come across during our day to day lives and in true 21st Century fashion, writing a blog seemed to be a way forward. After much discussion, ‘The Reviewinators’ was started on WordPress to keep us busy whilst we studied at University. It gave us a chance to broadcast the overlooked, under appreciated, fantastic and abysmal offerings this crazy world has to offer. A bit of creativity here and there can sometimes go a long, long way in ways we couldn’t imagine.

What does The Reviewinators specialise in particularly?

Here’s the deal; there’s no limit to what our repertoire includes. We have reviewed everything from video games, books, films, TV shows, websites, days out, food, special events and music. It may seem like a ‘jack of all trades’ excuse to write whatever we want but rest assured, we only post about things we are passionate about. Because we both have a diverse amount of knowledge on a range of different topics and areas, it gives us the creative freedom to put our knowledge to the test and to give you an opinion from ‘the everyday person.’

Where does the name ‘The Reviewinators’ come from?

It’s a good question that hardly anyone has asked. In fact no one has asked, but never-the-less we can in fact tell you the name was originally from an Amazon review that Jimmi wrote in 2012 under the pseudonym ‘The Reviewinator.’ Whilst coming up with the idea of a reviews blog, Kat went back to the ‘Reviewinator’ name and the title stuck. Add to that our mascot which we nickname Arbot, (Ar as in ‘R’ which stands for ‘Review’) and there you have it.

What about the technicalities?

What do you mean by that?

Like the bits on the blog that obviously didn’t come from the template…?

Right, we get you now! We are responsible for the upkeep of the blog. The theme is one chosen from the WordPress catalogue that didn’t cost a fortune – it’s the Twenty-Eleven theme. Everything else is made by use too. See the fancy page headers? Yep, did that. The videos? Edited by us. The music in the videos? Yep, some of that was us too (others are royalty free). There’s more to creating a blog than just writing the articles. Part of the creativity is making it look good, keeping the social media parts of it up and running and making sure it is all easy for you to use.

Did you mentioned an introduction video?

No we didn’t and you are not permitted to see it. We are only slightly embarrassed by it…

Anything else?

Erm, well that’s kind of it… Ooh, no! We also like to read other WordPress blogs! Not only does it keep us in the loop for what is going on and around the World on our WordPress reader, we also like to hear what other people are talking about and we also like to use that as inspiration. There are some hidden gems in the world of blogging, I’m sure you’ll agree. Who knows, the next blog we read could be yours! Also, we don’t make any money from anything we create – we’re just here for the thrill of it and normally when we post something, we normally give credit where credit is due (for example, we normally Tweet to organisers of events and such to let them know what we think or we provide links for you to look further into what we are reviewing). We get very excited when the organiser of said event or author of mentioned book, etc retweets our work.

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